Lagonda 3 Litre

Lagonda 3 Litre tyres

  • The '20s version of the 3 litre Lagonda fitted 4.5"X21 wheels we would suggest 525X21 Lucas tyres. They continued fitting these tyres until about 1933.
  • In 1933 Lagonda started offering a choice of 19" wheels for which we would recommend 525/600X19 Michelin D.R. tyres.
  • Michelins 19/20 H RET reinforced inner tube would be the best for a 3 litre Lagonda weather fitting 21"or the later 19" wheels.

It is important to note, this is the pre war Lagonda 3 Litre. Not the 3 Litre Lagonda of the late '50s.

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  1. 550/600x18 R1 Dunlop Racing
    5.50/6.00 x 18 R1 Dunlop Racing

    Starting at $495.60 $413.00

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3 Litre Tyres

The 525X21 Lucas gives a lovely smooth light ride and looks superb on these early cars, and the Michelin gives more grip and comfort on the later cars. Also a Lucas 550X19 tyre for these later cars which is extremely good value for such a good tyre. If the car is going to be driven in a sporting manner then the 600X19 Dunlop Racing tyre is the best option. Nothing has such a suitable carcass for a heavy sports car. They do come with lots of tread depth and these 19" Dunlop Racing tyres are road legal.

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