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Ferrari Dino Tyres

Ferrari Dino 1957–1976

The majority of Ferrari Dino's fitted 205/70VR14 tyres and we would suggest that by far the best tyre in that size would be the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX. We also believe that this Michelin XWX would have been the original equipment on the Majority of Ferrari Dino cars weather it be the 246 GT or 246 GTS Dino. Or even the later 308 GT4 Ferrari Dino, they predominantly fitted the classic 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX. There are however some exceptions to the rules: The very early Ferrari Dino cars, up until chassis number #00528 did fit thinner tyres and currently the best tyre to fit these cars would be the 185HR14 Michelin MXV-P.

Although it was not standard Ferrari equipment on the 246 Dino GTS or the coupe 246 GT Dino, Borrani do make some period optional 14" wire wheels with a full conversion kit. The wheels are 7" wide. So, correct for the original Dino tyres the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX or the 205/70 WR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36.

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ferrari dino

The Dino Ferrari first came equipped with a 185x14 tyre for which we can offer the Michelin MXV-P, for the later 246 Dino the original equipment was the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX, luckily Michelin make this tyre as no other tyre suits the car!

Dino was the brand name given to the mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports cars produced by Ferrari from 1968 to 1976. By 1976 the name Dino was dropped and from then onwards all cars were given the full Ferrari name.

The first out of the stable was the Ferrari Dino 206 in 1968 with a mere 150 of these cars being produced. The 246 would be the first of the Dino range to be produced in high numbers (from 1969), 3761 in total in both GT coupe and spyder form. The Ferrari Dino 206 was hailed as a car with groundbreaking design and impressive driving qualities. The name Dino was given in honour of Enzo Ferraris late son Alfredo Dino Ferrari, who was credited with the design of the V6 engine. Cars with Dino name included the 246 GT and also the later 308 GT4. The Ferrari 246 Dino was considered one of Ferraris most stylish mid-engine cars, with its soft curves and edges reminiscent of earlier Ferraris. The Ferrari 308 Dino in contrast was designed with crisper edges and straighter lines.

The Dino Berlinetta was Ferraris first transverse-mounted mid-engine car, designed by the great Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti, with a 2.0-litre all-aluminium V6 engine that hit the red line at 8000rpm and all alloy body. The 206 also had fully independent suspension and was fitted with disc brakes all round.

These things all went to making the driving experience miles ahead of any other Ferrari previously produced. The 246 Dino came with a 2.4-litre engine with an iron block and alloy head.

Unfortunately the Ferrari Dino is dismissed all too often by "purists" but is nonetheless one of the prettiest Ferraris ever produced.

Borrani wire wheels:

Borrani Dino wire wheels are a great period correct alternative wheel choice for their high quality and their stunning period look.

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