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Ferrari 246

For first Ferrari 246 GT Dino tyres though it is not the correct speed rating or the original tread, the 185HR14 Michelin MXV-P is the best tyre to fit on these first few Dino 246 cars. For the Ferrari Dino 246 after Chassis Number #00528 Longstone Tyres suggests the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX. These bigger 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX tyres are what you would find on the majority of Ferrari Dino's.

Recommended Products for Ferrari 246

Ferrari Dino Wheels

Although it was not standard Ferrari equipment on the 246 Dino GTS or the coupe 246 GT Dino, Borrani do make some period optional 14" wire wheels with a full conversion kit. The wheels are 7" wide. So, correct for the original Dino tyres; the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX or the 205/70WR14 CINTURATO ™ CN36