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Delage DM

Delage DM 1926–1929

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History of the Delage DM

Delage is a French luxury vehicle and racecar manufacturer created in 1905 in Levallois-Perret, near Paris, by Louis Delâge; it was bought by Delahaye in 1935 and stopped operations in 1953. The Delage Type DM was a line of passenger vehicles including the Delage Type DMN and Delage Type DMS, in addition to the basic type. From 1926 through 1929, Delage offered the models. There was no direct precedent. The Delage Type D.6 was its successor. The cars were powered by a six-cylinder engine. It had a bore of 75 mm and a stroke of 120 mm, producing a displacement of 3181 cm3. The engine produced 62 horsepower in the Type DM and Type DMN variants, and 78 horsepower in the Type DMS sports version.

The Type DM featured a 1420 mm track width and a 3500 mm wheelbase. When the Type DMN was introduced, the front track was 1380 mm, the rear track was 1320 mm, and the wheelbase was 3390 mm. The DMS featured a consistent track width of 1380 mm and a shorter wheelbase of 3210 mm. The vehicle length is 4800 mm, the breadth is 1650 mm, and the empty weight is 1500 kg. Sedans, touring cars, coupes, convertibles, and roadster models were all offered.

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