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Delage DI 1923–1929

Delage DIS Beaded Edge Tyres

  • The Delage DI of the early 1920s fitted beaded edge tyres in the size 820X120.
  • The Delage DI evolved into the Delage DIS in 1924 and continued to fit Beaded edge 820 – 120 tyres, as did the first Delage DISS.
  • We would suggest fitting the Ensign 820-120 tyres as we have faith in their carcass structure and they have a period tread pattern.
  • For the Delage DI, DIS and DISS on beaded edge tyres, we recommend the Michelin 820-120 RET reinforced innertubes.
  • DI, DIS and DISS Delage’s fitted with beaded edge tyres need high tyre pressures of around 65psi or more for a heavy bodied car or sporting use.
  • In the mid 1920s Michelin developed the ability to make a larger section lower pressure Cable Comfort beaded edge tyre.
  • Some Delage DISS fitted 775-145 Michelin Cable Comfort Tyres. There is no longer a tyre produced in this size.
  • A 775-145 tyre rim has an overall external diameter of 526mm. If you have these rims, we recommend changing your wheels.

Delage DISS Tyres

  • Throughout the 1920s more and more Tarmacadam roads were produced, for which beaded edge roads were not suitable.
  • The extra grip provided by tarmac increased the side forces and in turn the failures of beaded edge tyres, so many of the Delage DISS came fitted with 20” well-based wheels.
  • The standard size for a DISS fitted with 20” wheels was a 525-20 crossply tyre.
  • For light spritely handling of an open touring Delage DIS (or DI or DIS fitted with 20” wheels) we suggest the 475/500-20 Lucas with 35psi.
  • The inner tube we recommend for a 475/500-20 tyre is a Michelin 20/21 CD RET.
  • If you have a heavier body, or just like a bigger tyre there is also the 600-20 Lucas fitted with a 19/20 H RET Michelin innertube.

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