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De Tomaso Longchamp

De Tomaso Longchamp

De-Tomaso Longchamp 1972–1989

  • The De Tomaso Longchamp runs optimally on a set of 215/70 WR 15 Michelin XWX tyres.
  • Another good option would be the 215/70 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN12.
  • Our period fitment guides cover De Tomaso from 1972–1985, and they all state that the Longchamp was released on tube-type wheels with innertubes.
  • The Michelin 15/17H would be the best innertube for these tyres.
  • If you own a Longchamp made from 1985-89 and it has tubeless wheels, get in contact at tel:00441302711123, so that we can have the most accurate information.

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History of the De Tomaso Longchamp

After the De Tomaso Deauville failed to gain popularity the company tried again with a similar design built from 1972-1989, the De Tomaso Longchamp. Based on the Mercedes Benz 450SLC the car too sadly didn't capture the public's attention. Later on, after gaining control of Maserati the car would be rebadged as a De Tomaso Kyalami with a Maserati V8 engine.

The Longchamp had a broad and wide bonnet to house the 5,769 cc Ford Cleveland V8 engine. The Pantera's engine was the 351 Cleveland, a popular and powerful engine in early 1970s Ford muscle cars. It produced 330 horsepower and allowed the Longchamp to reach a maximum speed of 149 miles per hour.

The suspension consisted of an independent front and rear wishbone assembly with coil springs. The steering utilised a power-assisted rack and pinion system, and all the brakes used vented discs, with the rear brake discs positioned inboard. The inside of the automobile was fairly sumptuous, with practically everything covered in leather, albeit the usage of Ford-sourced parts (steering wheel, gear change) that curbed some of the opulence.

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