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1985 Citroen GSA Break

1985 Citroen GSA Break

Citroen GS 1970–1986

  • The Citroen GS left the factory fitted with the 145 SR 15 Michelin XZX. They are still the only proper tyre for a Citroen GS.
  • There is also a 145 - 15 Firestone F560 tyre that is in the correct size for a Citroen GS, and when these tyres were built originally by Firestone they were a better proposition and a good price.
  • However today they don't bear consideration, and you should just fit the 145 SR 15 Michelin XZX on a Citroen GS.
  • Since the GS was introduced on wheels that can accommodate tubeless tyres, innertubes are not necessary for your GS as long as your tyres are likewise tubeless, according to our period fitting recommendations (our recommended tyres are all tubeless).
  • Even with tubeless wheels, innertubes can still be installed; for example, if you have tube-type tyres, suffer a puncture, or are unsure if your rims are completely airtight. 
  • For these tyres the Michelin 15E is the best Citroen GS innertube.

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History of the Citroen GS

Citroen produced and marketed the GS as a front-engine, front-drive, four or five-door, five-passenger family car in two series: for model years 1970-1979 in fastback saloon and estate body styles, and then as the GSA for model years 1980-1989 in hatchback and estate body styles — the latter after a facelift. The overall production was around 2.5 million. The GS was designed by Robert Opron and features an aerodynamic body shape with a drag coefficient of 0.318, fully independent hydro-pneumatic brakes and self-levelling suspension, and an air-cooled flat-four engine. It has a low nose, a two-box silhouette, semi-enclosed rear wheels, and a sharply vertical Kamm-tail.

Citroen GS

A Beautifully Painted Citroen GS

Michelin Citroen GS XZX Tyres

The GS Citroen fitted a Michelin XZX 145SR15. To view them, click here

Citroen GS Tyres

Michelin 145SR15 XZX tyres fitted to a Citroen GS

Citroen GS Tyres

Citroen GS Birotor

The GS Citroen Birotor (with Wankel rotary engine) was fitted with a Michelin XAS 165HR14. To view them click here.

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