Berkeley T60

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1959 Berkeley T60

1959 Berkeley T60

Berkeley T60 Tyres

  • The Berkeley T60 with its three-wheeled quirkiness would be best fit with a 5.20 x 12 Camac, we believe it is the best tyre available in its original size of 520x12.
  • If you desired a whitewall tyre we can offer the 5.20 x 12 B.F.G Whitewall.
  • The best fitting Berkeley T60 innertube for this tyre is the Michelin 12D Offset Valve.

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    Berkeley T60 Recommended Tyres

3 Items

History of the Berkeley T60

Berkeley's T60 three-wheeler debuted in September 1959. It was an instant success in the United Kingdom since three-wheelers could be operated with a motorcycle licence and were thus appropriate for a biker with passengers. Three-wheelers are significantly less expensive to buy and operate than four-wheeled vehicles. Thus, when it was first released, the T60 cost just £400, or £7780 in today's money (September 2021), making it reasonable for the time. The T60 was a big hit. Its creator, Laurie Bond, was one of England's most successful mini-car designers. Bond participated in mountain races in the 1940s, which led him to design a light 2-seater roadster with a fibreglass shell, a 2-stroke engine, and front-wheel drive.

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