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1977 Bentley T2

Bentley T1 Tyres Explained

Bentley T1 Tyres

  • The First T-type Bentley cars originally fitted either an 8.15-15 Crossply or a 205VR15 Radial.
  • For the Bentley T1 would suggest fitting 205 WR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN72.
  • Our period Innertube Guides inform us that T-series Bentley cars were released on tubeless wheels.
  • You could still fit innertubes to tubeless wheels; if you decide to fit tube-type tyres, or you are not confident your rims are airtight then innertubes are advisable.
  • These tyres can be fitted with the Michelin 15/17H innertube.
  • The suggested tyre pressure for the Bentley T1 is 34psi.

Bentley T2 Tyres

  • Bentley T2 fitted 235/70R15 Tyres.
  • Through our own experience with a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow we strongly recommend the 235/70R15 Michelin XVS Whitewall.
  • If you need a 235/70 R15 tyre without a whitewall we recommend a set of 235/70 R 15 Avon Turbosteel
  • These tyres can also be fitted with the Michelin 15/17H innertube.
  • The recommended Bentley T2 tyre pressure is 32psi.

Bentley T2 Whitewall Tyres

  • There are a selection of whitewall tyres available in the size 235/70R15, of which we would suggest the 235/70R15 Michelin XVS Whitewall is by far the best.

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    Bentley T1 & T2 Recommended Tyres

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Bentley T-Series History

Bentley Motors developed the T-series luxury cars in the United Kingdom from 1965 until 1980. On 5 October 1965, it was introduced and displayed for the first time at the Paris Motor Show, as a Bentley-badged version of the completely revamped Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. The Bentley T series was offered as a four-door saloon and a four-door saloon with a large wheelbase. In September 1967, a two-door saloon with coachwork by James Young and Mulliner Park Ward was launched, as was a two-door convertible, with coachwork by Mulliner Park Ward.

In 1977, the T was updated to the "T2," which had rack and pinion steering, better air conditioning, rubber-faced bumpers, a redesigned fascia (not including the US edition) and a front air dam. Similar to the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, Bosch CIS Fuel Injection was introduced for late 1979 and 1980 vehicles for the US and international markets.

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