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3½ Litre Bentley Tyres

Bentley 3.5 Litre

Bentley 3.5 Litre

  • The Majority of pre-war Bentley made in Derby by Rolls Royce between 1933 and 1940, the 3.5 litres & the first 4.25 Litres cars fitted 525/550 - 18 Tyres.
  • The Derby Bentley 3½ came fitted with 5.25X18 India tyres. The India is no longer made, also the 5.25/5.50-18 Dunlop which was popular on a 3.5 Derby Bentley are also no longer manufactured.
  • For a 3 ½ Derby Bentley we would suggest 5.50-18 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA, as the best gripping tyre, that will offer improved directional stability at cruising speeds.
  • Michelin make a 5.50 x 18 DR which will also improve the comfortable ride compared to some other tyres, with plenty of grip, specially in the wet.
  • However the 5.25/5.50 x 18 Lucas is exceptionally good value, period tyre for the silent sports car.
  • We would suggest the PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA is the driver’s choice, the Michelin Double Rivet for the chauffeur driven, and the Lucas to defend the credit card.
  • The appropriate innertube for a tyre of this size is the Michelin 17/18H innertube.
  • When fitting the Lucas or the Michelin we suggest between 35psi and 38psi as a suggested 3.5 Litre Derby Bentley tyre pressure.

4¼ Bentley Tyres

Derby Bentley - Bollywood

Bollywood Derby Bentley

  • When Rolls Royce first changed the Derby Bentley to the 4 ¼ litre model in 1936 they continued to fit 5.50X18.
  • We would suggest the best handling tyre is the 550-18 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA.
  • The 5.50 x 18 Michelin Double Rivet will give the most comfortable ride for an early 4¼ Litre Derby Bentley.
  • The 5.25/5.50 x 18 Lucas is also an excellent value tyre for these Derby Bentley up to 1938 on 18” wheels.
  • In 1938 and 1939 the last models of 4.25 Derby Bentleys with overdrive gearbox and Marles steering also moved onto a 17” rim; with a tyre size of 650 - 17 Tyres.
  • For these later 4 ¼ Bentleys from Derby we suggest 6.00/6.50 x 17 Ensign F4. This Ensign has a strong carcass which suits a Derby Bentleys handling.
  • This tyre is also best fitted with a set of Michelin 17/18H Innertubes.
  • Suggested tyre pressures for 4.25 Bentleys are between 35psi and 38psi for early cars with 18” wheels and 34 psi for cars with 17” wheels.

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Bentley Derby

History of the Derby Bentley

The Derby Bentley in the photos above was Barker's London Motor Show car in 1936 and was originally yellow with chrome wheel discs and light tan soft leather upholstery. At the moment the car is being restored to its original condition and if you are lucky enough to visit the factory at Crewe you will see her in a photomontage of the Bentley design DNA in the Design Dept Boardroom, a testament indeed to a 74-year-old design! Hopefully, the owner will be decent enough to send us a picture of the car next to its baby blue sister, a fine stable for the shy and retiring that will be!!

We would like to extend our thanks to the owner of the beautiful Derby Bentley pictured above for allowing us to use the pictures and also for pointing out that I had called an R-Type a Derby (I'm only human, honest!).

Derby Bentley Tyres FAQ

Q: What are the best 3.5 litre Derby Bentley tyres?

A: Pirelli make a 5.50-18 Stella Bianca which is an excellent handling tyre. I deal for the Silent Sports car.

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