Austin A90 A70 Hereford

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Austin A90 A70 Hereford Tyres

At Longstone Tyres for an Austin A90 Westminster & A70 Hereford we recommend a 550HR16 Michelin X as a superb quality tyre

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    Austin A90 A70 Hereford Recommended Tyres

  1. 550HR16 Michelin X
    5.50 R 16 Michelin X

    Starting at $324.24 $270.20

  2. Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13
    Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13

    Starting at $30.24 $25.20

  3. Other Options for Austin A90 A70 Hereford

  4. 5.50 x 16 Firestone Whitewall
    5.50 x 16 Firestone Whitewall

    Starting at $378.00 $315.00

  5. 165HR16 Avon Turbosteel
    165 HR 16 Avon Turbosteel

    Starting at $307.44 $256.20

  6. 550x16 Avon Tourist
    5.50 x 16 Avon Tourist

    Starting at $221.76 $184.80

  7. 550x16 Waymaster Premium
    5.50 x 16 Waymaster Premium

    Starting at $154.56 $128.80

7 Items

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History of the Austin A70 Hereford

The A70 Hereford was a replacement for the A70 Hampshire in 1950, the notable difference being an extra 3 inches (76 mm) in the wheelbase and the introduction of hydraulic brakes.

The car still kept the 2199cc 4-cylinder engine that the 1946 Austin 16 had used. Austins of the time were notable for equipping their cars with interior heaters at no extra cost, and the Hereford came fitted with "the latest Smiths fresh-air installation" as standard equipment.

Sales were disappointing however, and just over 50,000 were produced when the A90 Westminster replaced it in 1954. The car originally cost approximately £911 (the equivalent of £26000 today) including taxes.

History of the Austin A90 Westminster

The A90 Six Westminster was introduced at the 1954 London Motor Show. Unlike the A70, it used the new BMC C-Series straight-6 engine with single Zenith carburettor which, at 2.6 L (2639 cc), produced 85 hp (63 kW).

It has an independent front suspension using coil springs and wishbones, whilst on the rear it had a leaf spring and anti-roll bar on the live axle. The four speed transmission has Synchromesh on the top three ratios with an optional overdrive post 1955.

The A90 designation had previously been carried by the 1948-1952 Austin Atlantic.

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