Aston Martin Sports Tyres

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Aston Martin Sport Tyres

Aston Martin Sports Tyres
  • Longstone Tyres recommend the 7.10 x 90 Ensign Chevron Cord vintage tyre as the best tyre option currently available for your Aston Martin Sports.

  • The best choice of Aston Martin Sports innertube for this wheel is the Michelin 710X90.
  • The picture below shows a vintage Aston Martin Sports car fitted with a 710X90 Waymaster. Also a good option.
  • It is worth noting lots of these early pre-war Aston Martin have changed their wheels to fit well-based wheels.
  • The picture on the right vintage Aston Martin Sports known as “Green Pea” fitted with 350-19 Longstone tyres.
Aston Martin Sports

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    Aston Martin Sports Recommended Tyres

3 Items

History of the Aston Martin Sports

Built between 1920-1925 the Aston Martin Sports was the first Aston Martin to enter production, as even though the first Aston Martin had been made in 1915, the First World War interrupted the process. As the early Aston Martin years were all about motorsport, the Aston Martin Sport wasn't actually on sale to the public until 1923, and though 60 cars were sold the company eventually went into receivership in 1925.

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