Alvis Speed 25

Recommended Alvis Speed 25 tyres

Alvis Speed 25 tyres for a standard car as recommended by Longstone Tyres.
For Alvis Speed 25 tyres a set of 550x19 Lucas is recommended by Longstone Tyres. For great handling the ideal tyre would be a 525/550/600x19 Dunlop B5, unfortunitly no longer produced, whilst the ultimate tyre for comfort & grip would be a 525/600x19 Michelin D.R.


Recommended Alvis Speed 25 Tyres

Optional Alvis Speed 25 Tyres

History of the Alvis Speed 25

Built between 1936-1940, the Alvis Speed 25 was a touring car that replaced the earlier six-cylinder Alvis Speed 20. A luxurious and comfortable speedster it was hand built by Alvis who only did the base form of the car; with all Speed 25's being supplied in chassis form whilst the bodywork was done by other companies afterwards.