Alvis Speed 20

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Alvis Speed 20 SA

Alvis Speed 20 SA

Alvis Speed 20 Tyres

  • The original equipment for these cars was 525 - 20, however they tend to make 550 - 20 tyres these days which make the steering heavier.
  • Longstone Classic Tyres recommend the 4.75/5.00 x 20 Firestone for the early vintage Alvis Speed 20 as they keep the steering light and are aesthetically very vintage.
  • The ideal Alvis Speed 20 innertube for the 475/500 Firestone tyres is the Michelin 20/21CD innertube.
  • Some later Alvis Speed 20 cars fitted 550 - 19 tyres. Longstone Classic Tyres recommend fitting the 5.25/6.00 x 19 Michelin D.R. vintage tyres.
  • The Michelin 19/20H innertube is best suited to the 525/600 Double Rivet tyre.

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Vintage Alvis Speed 20

The engine for the Speed 20 was based on the one used in the preceding Silver Eagle cars but heavily modified to give 87 bhp. The chassis was new and lowered by making it a "double drop" type where the side rails go over the front and rear axles. A centralised lubrication system was fitted allowing oil to be provided to moving suspension parts through a maze of pipework. Both front and rear suspension used half-elliptic leaf springs and the brakes with 14-inch drums, mechanically operated.

The four-speed manual gearbox was mounted in-unit with the engine. The car could be fitted with a variety of coachwork. Standard bodies were a four-door saloon from coachbuilders Charlesworth or a four-door tourer by Cross and Ellis, but some cars were supplied in chassis form and carried bodies by coachbuilders such as Vanden Plas.

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