Alvis Crested Eagle

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Alvis Crested Eagle Paramount Bodied Coupe

Alvis Crested Eagle Paramount Bodied Coupe

Alvis Crested Eagle Tyres

  • For the Alvis Crested Eagle tyres a set of 5.50 x 19 Lucas is a great budget option; they do not offer the best performance, but they are great value for the price and quality.
  • For great handling and performance the ideal tyre would be a 5.25/5.50/6.00 x 19 Ensign B5, this tyre has the highest-speed rating of any in this size.
  • The ultimate tyre for comfort and grip would be a 5.25/6.00 x 19 Michelin D.R.
  • Cars of this period fitted innertubes. The ideal Alvis Crested Eagle innertube for all the recommended tyres above would is the Michelin 19/20H RET innertube.

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    Alvis Crested Eagle Recommended Tyres

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History of the Alvis Crested Eagle

Alvis released the Crested Eagle in May 1933 and was produced until 1939, with a total of 602 chassis produced. It competed in the Luxury Class, with the bulk of the vehicles built as Owner-Driven Saloons or Limousines, but also had a few Sporty variants.

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