AC Ace RS 2-6

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AC Ace RS 2.6 Tyres

AC Ace RS 2.6 tyres for a standard car as recommended by Longstone Tyres. We recommend the 550 HR 16 Michelin X vintage tyre, as it was original equipment tyre for the Ace RS 2.6 and it is the best radial tyre in this size.

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    AC Ace RS 2-6 Recommended Tyres

  1. 550HR16 Michelin X
    5.50 R 16 Michelin X

    Starting at $324.24 $270.20

  2. 550x16 R5 Dunlop Racing
    5.50 x 16 R5 Dunlop Racing

    Starting at $400.68 $333.90

  3. Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13
    Michelin 16E Offset Valve Inner Tube TR13

    Starting at $30.24 $25.20

  4. 165HR16 Avon Turbosteel
    165 HR 16 Avon Turbosteel

    Starting at $307.44 $256.20

5 Items

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History of the AC Ace RS 2.6

Built between 1961-1963, the RS stood for Ruddspeed who were in charge of this conversion and utilising the 2.6 litre six-cylinder Zephyr engine (that could be tuned up to 170 BHP) which still left it cheaper than the AC Ace-Bristol version.

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