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Inner Tubes

Inner Tubes

To find the correct inner tube for your classic car please choose your classic tyre size from the drop down list below, this will then tell you which inner tube you should fit.

You may find there is an option of central valve or offset valve inner tubes. This describes how the valve exits your wheel rim, through the centre of the wheel (central valve) or from the side of the wheel (offset valve). The majority of European vintage and classic cars from the mid '20 will want an offset valve on their inner tube. Vintage cars with beaded edge tyres and some American cars such as a Model A Ford stuck with central valve inner tubes. H/D denotes heavy duty inner tubes.

Rim tapes are used on wire wheels to protect the inner tube from the spoke ends in the centre of the wheel.

Flaps are essentially very heavy duty rim tapes and are used solely in straight sided wheels.

If you need help to decide which type of wheel you have please see our help section for information.

Here's some wise words from this cheeky Goodyear video...

Car inner tubes

Inner tubes were essential with all manner of tyres until the safety rib was developed and the tubeless wheel rim. When a tyre is 70% profile or taller it can be fitt3ed with an inner tube. Tyres that are 65% profile or less should not run an inner tube.

Classic Car Inner Tubes

A large portion of the classic cars on the road today are fitted with wire wheels. Wire wheels were designed to be fitted with inner tubes. All the tyres that were fitted to the classic cars with wire wheels were not low profile tyres below 70% and therefore all these classic cars should fit inner tubes.

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