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8.10-90 Beaded Edge Tyres

  • 810X90 are beaded edge tyres.
  • Beaded edge tyres need to have a minimum of 60 psi.
  • 810-90 tyres can only be fitted to a specific 810 – 90 wheel rim.
  • In theory an 810 X 90 tyre has an overall diameter of 810mm and a 90mm section.
  • We suggest fitting Reinforced Michelin 760 -90 inner tubes in an 810 X90 beaded edge tyre.

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  1. 810 - 90 Inner Tubes

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810X90 Clincher Tires

What tyre pressure should be put in 810-90 clincher tires?

All Clincher tires need to have a minimum of 60psi in them. It is only the pressure that holds the bead of the tyre in the clinch of the rim. We would suggest that the Ensign 810 – 90 has the strongest carcass of the 810-90 clincher tires available today, and even they need a minimum of 4 BA or 60psi. If it is to be fitted to a heavy Veteran car then add more tire pressure. Incidentally and 810X90 Clincher tire is the US description of an 810X90 Beaded edge tyre.

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