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Vintage 6.00/6.50 - 17

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    Classic 600/650 - 17 Tyres

  1. 650/700x17 Michelin D.R.
    6.50/7.00 x 17 Michelin D.R.

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6.00/6.50 – 17

What are the best 6.00/6.50 – 17 tyres?

We would suggest if you are looking for tyres for a vintage Bentley 4.25 Litre we would suggest the 6.00/6.50-17 Ensign F4 as these pre war Derby Bentley cars react well to a firm carcass. However if you wer after tyres for a D6 Delage we would suggest the Michelin 6.50/7.00 X17 as we believe it gives the nicest ride and the most Grip. The Michelin tyre benefits from being run at a higher pressure than the 600/650-17 Ensign.

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