230/55 R390 Tyres

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  • No body currently manufactures a 230/55 R390 tyres. We suggest that the 220/55VR390 Michelin TRX is very close in size to a 230/55 VR 390.
  • As an alternative for 230/55 R390: 220/55 R390.
  • 230/55 R390 can also be described as: 230/55 x 390, 230/55 R 390 or 230/55 / 390.

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    Classic 230/55 R390 Tyres

1 Item

220/55 R390 Michelin TRX

This picture shows a 230/55 R390 tyre on the left next to a Michelin 220/55 VR390 TRX on the right.

230/55 R390

Who makes 230/55 R390 tyres?

Sadly nobody makes them anymore. Historically we would have been able to supply both a Michelin 230/55 R390 SP2000 TD and Michelin also historically made a 230/55 R390 TRX. However currently neither of these tyres are being produced. The 230/55 R390 tyre size was pretty much only fitted to some top of the range 5 series BMW in the early 1980s.

Today if you have a car that should fit 230/55 R390 TDX or TRX tyres we would recommend fitting the 220/55 R390 Michelin TRX. TRX tyres can be fitted onto TDX wheels no problem and the 220/55 R390 is almost identical in size to the 230/55 R390.

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