185/55 R 15 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2

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185/55 VR 15 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2
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185/55 R 15 Pilot Exalto Fitment Sticker

Michelin 185/55 R 15 PE2 Tyres

If you are looking for a 185/55 R 15 tyre, then you will find the Michelin Pilot Exalto of the highest quality. We are always confident of the build quality of Michelin tyres, and the Michelin Pilot Exalto 2 or PE2 are a tyre developed for a sports compact, as you can see from the below fitment guide for this 185/55 R 15 PE2

185/55 R 15 Tyres

  • 185 is descriptive in millimetres the width of the tyre.
  • 55 means 55% of 185mm is the height of the side wall of the tyre.
  • R stands for Radial.
  • 15 means it fits a 15” rim.
  • 82V means the tyre can withstand 472kg @ 149mph.

Michelin’s 185/55 R 15 Pilot Exalto is the perfect car for the Sports compacts back of the ‘90s and early 2000s. 185/55 R 15 tyres fit a huge range of cars such as the youngtimer Fiat 500 & Honda Jazz listed in the fitment guide below

ManufacturerEngineFuel typeModelThe month production beganThe year production began
CHEVROLET1.2 L 84PetrolAveo62002
CHEVROLET1.4 L 101PetrolAveo62002
CHEVROLET1.4 L 94PetrolAveo62002
CHEVROLET1.5 L 84PetrolAveo62002
CHEVROLET1.6 L 105PetrolAveo62002
CHEVROLET1.6 L 105PetrolAveo32011
CHEVROLET1.2 SOHC 72PetrolKalos62005
CHEVROLET1.4 L 94PetrolKalos62005
CITROEN1.4 HDI 70DieselC292003
CITROEN1.4 L 75PetrolC292003
CITROEN1.4 L 90PetrolC292003
CITROEN1.6 HDI 110DieselC292003
CITROEN1.6 L 110PetrolC292003
DAEWOO1.2 L 72PetrolKalos22003
DAEWOO1.4 L 94PetrolKalos22003
DAIHATSU1.3 L 91PetrolMateria12007
DAIHATSU1.5 L 103PetrolMateria12007
DAIHATSU1.5 L 103PetrolMateria Van12007
DAIHATSU1.5 T 150PetrolMateria12007
FIAT0.9 8v 105Petrol50092007
FIAT0.9 8v 105Petrol500 C92009
FIAT0.9 8v 85Petrol50092007
FIAT0.9 8v 85Petrol500 C92009
FIAT1.2 8V 69Petrol50092007
FIAT1.2 8V 69Petrol500 C92009
FIAT1.3 JTD 75Diesel50092007
FIAT1.3 JTD 75Diesel500 C92009
FIAT1.3 JTD 95Diesel50092007
FIAT1.3 JTD 95Diesel500 C92009
FIAT1.4 16V 100Petrol50092007
FIAT1.4 16V 100Petrol500 C92009
FIAT1.2 L 82PetrolBrava91995
FIAT1.6 L 103PetrolBrava91995
FIAT1.9 JTD 105DieselBrava91995
FIAT1.2 16V 82PetrolBravo81995
FIAT1.6 16V 103PetrolBravo81995
FIAT1.8 L 113PetrolBravo81995
FIAT1.9 JTD 100DieselBravo81995
FIAT1.9 JTD 105DieselBravo81995
FIAT1.9 TD 100DieselBravo81995
FIAT1.9 TD 75DieselBravo81995
FIAT0.9 TwinAir Turbo 85PetrolPanda III12012
FIAT1.2 GPL 69GPLPanda III12012
FIAT1.2 L 69PetrolPanda III12012
FIAT1.3 Multijet 75DieselPanda III12012
FIAT1.3 Multijet 95DieselPanda III12012
FIAT1.2 16VPetrolPunto Sporting62003
FIAT1.2 16V 80PetrolPunto41999
FIAT1.3 JTD 70DieselPunto41999
FIAT1.4 L 95PetrolPunto41999
FIAT1.8 L 130PetrolPunto41999
FIAT1.9 D 60DieselPunto41999
FIAT1.9 JTD 101DieselPunto41999
FIAT1.9 JTD 80DieselPunto41999
FIAT1.9 JTD 85DieselPunto41999
FIAT1.9 JTD 85DieselPunto Sporting62003
FIAT2.0 16V 146PetrolTipo111988
FORD1.4 L 95PetrolFiesta VI Sedan112008
FORD1.6 TDCi 90DieselFiesta VI Sedan112008
HONDA1.2 L 77PetrolJazz32002
HONDA1.3 L 83PetrolJazz32002
HONDA1.5 L 109PetrolJazz32002
HONDA1.5 L 69PetrolJazz32002
HYUNDAI1.5 CRDI 82DieselAccent12000
HYUNDAI1.6 L 105PetrolAccent12000
HYUNDAI1.1 L 63PetrolGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.3 L 82PetrolGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.4 L 97PetrolGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.5 CDRi 110DieselGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.5 CDRi 82DieselGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.5 CDRi 88DieselGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.6 L 105PetrolGetz92002
HYUNDAI1.0 L 66Petroli10102013
HYUNDAI1.2 L 87Petroli10102013
KIA1.0 L 67PetrolPicanto32017
KIA1.2 L 84PetrolPicanto32017
LADA1.6 L 106PetrolGranta92012
LADA1.6 L 82PetrolGranta92012
LADA1.6 L 87PetrolGranta92012
LADA1.6 L 98PetrolGranta92012
LADA1.6 L 106PetrolKalina12013
LADA1.6 L 106PetrolKalina Break 219412013
LADA1.6 L 106PetrolKalina hatchback 219212013
LADA1.6 L 87PetrolKalina12013
LADA1.6 L 87PetrolKalina Break 219412013
LADA1.6 L 87PetrolKalina hatchback 219212013
LADA1.6 L 98PetrolKalina12013
LADA1.6 L 98PetrolKalina Break 219412013
LADA1.6 L 98PetrolKalina hatchback 219212013
LANCIA0.9 Twinair 85PetrolYpsilon32011
LANCIA1.2 L 69PetrolYpsilon32011
LANCIA1.3 JTD 75DieselYpsilon32011
LANCIA1.3 JTD 95DieselYpsilon32011
LOTUS1.8 L 120PetrolElise S111995
LOTUS1.8 L 146PetrolElise 111S11995
MAZDA1.3 MZR 75Petrol2102007
MAZDA1.3 MZR 86Petrol2102007
MAZDA1.4 MZ-CD 68Diesel2102007
MAZDA1.5 MZR 102Petrol2102007
MAZDA1.6 MZ-CD 95Diesel2102007
MERCEDES1.4 L 82PetrolA 140101997
MERCEDES1.4 L 82PetrolA 140102001
MERCEDES1.6 CDI 60DieselA 160 CDI102001
MERCEDES1.6 L 102PetrolA 160101997
MERCEDES1.6 L 102PetrolA 160101997
MERCEDES1.6 L 102PetrolA 160101997
MERCEDES1.6 L 102PetrolA 160102001
MERCEDES1.7 CDI 90DieselA 170 CDI101997
MERCEDES1.7 CDI 90DieselA 170 CDI101997
MERCEDES1.7 CDI 95DieselA 170 CDI102001
MG ROVER1.8 L 119PetrolMG F91995
MG ROVER1.8 L 119PetrolMG F91995
MG ROVER1.8 L 145PetrolMG F91995
MG ROVER1.8 L 145PetrolMG F91995
MG ROVER1.6 L 115PetrolMG TF32003
MG ROVER1.8 L 120PetrolMG TF32003
MG ROVER1.8 L 136PetrolMG TF32003
MG ROVER2.0 TD 100DieselMG ZR92001
MITSUBISHI1.5 Ralliart 150PetrolColt22008
OPEL1.0 12V 58PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.0 12V 60PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.2 16V 75PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.2 16V 80PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.3 CDTI 70DieselCorsa C102000
OPEL1.4 16V 90PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.7 CDTI 100DieselCorsa C102000
OPEL1.7 DI 65DieselCorsa C102000
OPEL1.7 DTI 75DieselCorsa C102000
OPEL1.8 16V 125PetrolCorsa C102000
OPEL1.8 16V 125PetrolCorsa C GSI102000
OPEL2.0PetrolKadett E91984
OPEL2.0PetrolKadett E GSI91984
OPEL2.0 L 116PetrolKadett E Cabriolet GSI101986
OPEL1.0 L 75PetrolKarl32015
OPEL1.3 CDTI 70PetrolTigra TwinTop92004
OPEL1.4 16V 90PetrolTigra101994
OPEL1.4 16V 90PetrolTigra TwinTop92004
OPEL1.6 16V 106PetrolTigra101994
OPEL1.8 16V 125PetrolTigra TwinTop92004
PEUGEOT1.9 L 122Petrol205 GTI81987
PEUGEOT1.9 L 130Petrol205 GTI21983
PEUGEOT1.6 16V 110Petrol206 CC102000
PEUGEOT2.0 L 135Petrol206 GT91998
PEUGEOT2.0 L 136Petrol206 S1691998
PEUGEOT1.6 L 98Petrol306 Cabriolet31997
PEUGEOT2.0 L 123Petrol306 XSI21993
PEUGEOT2.0 L 135Petrol306 Cabriolet31997
PEUGEOT1.9 L 130Petrol309 GTI81989
RENAULT1.2 16V 75PetrolClio II91998
RENAULT1.2 16V 75PetrolClio II Campus92006
RENAULT1.2 L 60PetrolClio II91998
RENAULT1.2 L 60PetrolClio II Campus92006
RENAULT1.4 16V 98PetrolClio II91998
RENAULT1.4 16V 98PetrolClio II Campus92006
RENAULT1.5 dCi 100DieselClio II91998
RENAULT1.5 DCI 65DieselClio II91998
RENAULT1.5 dCi 70DieselClio II Campus92006
RENAULT1.5 dCi 80DieselClio II91998
RENAULT1.5 dCi 84DieselClio II Campus92006
RENAULT1.6 16V 110PetrolClio II91998
RENAULT1.8 16S 140PetrolClio 16S61990
RENAULT2.0 16V 150PetrolClio Williams51993
RENAULT2.0 16V 172PetrolClio RS - Ragnotti82002
RENAULT2.0 16V 172PetrolClio RS1101999
RENAULT2.0 16V 172PetrolClio RS252001
RENAULT2.0 16V 180PetrolClio II RS Trophy91998
RENAULT2.0 16V 182PetrolClio RS3 (RS 2004)32004
RENAULT1.4 16V 95PetrolMegane Cabriolet11996
RENAULT1.4 16V 95PetrolMegane Classic91996
RENAULT1.4 16V 95PetrolMegane Coupé31996
RENAULT1.6 L 90PetrolMegane Cabriolet11996
RENAULT1.9 D 65DieselMegane Classic91996
RENAULT1.9 DCI 105DieselMegane Classic91996
RENAULT2.0 L 110PetrolMegane Cabriolet11996
RENAULT2.0 L 114PetrolMegane Cabriolet11996
RENAULT2.0 L 120PetrolR21 Nevada 4X431986
RENAULT2.0 L 140PetrolR21 TXI31986
RENAULT2.0 L 140PetrolR21 4X431986
RENAULT1.2 L 75PetrolTwingo II ph212012
RENAULT1.2 L 76PetrolTwingo II32007
RENAULT1.2 Tce 102PetrolTwingo II ph212012
RENAULT1.2 Turbo 100PetrolTwingo II32007
RENAULT1.5 DCI 65DieselTwingo II32007
RENAULT1.5 dCi 75DieselTwingo II32007
RENAULT1.5 dCi 75DieselTwingo II ph212012
RENAULT1.5 dCi 85DieselTwingo II32007
RENAULT1.5 dCi 86DieselTwingo II ph212012
ROVER1.1 L 75Petrol25101999
ROVER1.4 L 105Petrol25101999
ROVER1.4 L 85Petrol25101999
ROVER1.6 L 110Petrol25101999
ROVER1.8 L 116Petrol25101999
ROVER1.8 L 117Petrol25101999
ROVER2.0 CDT 100Diesel25101999
ROVER2.0 CDT 115Diesel25101999
ROVER1.4Petrol214 IS81989
ROVER1.4Petrol214 IS11995
ROVER1.4Petrol214 ISL11995
ROVER1.4Petrol215 Cabriolet81989
ROVER1.4Petrol216 Cabriolet11995
ROVER1.6Petrol216 Cabriolet81989
ROVER1.6Petrol216 Cabriolet11995
ROVER1.6Petrol216 Coupé11995
ROVER1.6Petrol216 GTI81989
ROVER1.6Petrol216 SLI81989
ROVER1.6Petrol216 SLI11995
ROVER1.8Petrol200 VitPetrole11995
ROVER2.0Petrol220 GSI Coupé11995
ROVER2.0Petrol220 GTI81989
ROVER2.0 SDI 105Diesel220 SDI11995
ROVER1.8 TDDiesel41841992
ROVER2.0Petrol420 Tourer41992
ROVER2.0 TurboPetrolMaestro101989
ROVER1.8PetrolMG F Cabriolet121995
SEAT1.4 L 100PetrolCordoba I101993
SEAT1.4 L 100PetrolCordoba II92002
SEAT1.4 L 75PetrolCordoba I61999
SEAT1.4 L 75PetrolCordoba II92002
SEAT1.4 L 85PetrolCordoba II92002
SEAT1.4 TDI 70DieselCordoba II92002
SEAT1.4 TDI 80DieselCordoba II92002
SEAT1.6 L 100PetrolCordoba I101993
SEAT1.6 L 100PetrolCordoba I61999
SEAT1.6 L 100PetrolCordoba I Vario61999
SEAT1.6 L 75PetrolCordoba I61999
SEAT1.6 L 75PetrolCordoba I Vario11996
SEAT1.6 L 75PetrolCordoba I Vario61999
SEAT1.7 SDI 60DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.8 16V 130PetrolCordoba I101993
SEAT1.8 L 90PetrolCordoba I61999
SEAT1.9 D 64DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.9 D 68DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.9 SDI 64DieselCordoba I Vario11996
SEAT1.9 TD 75DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.9 TDI 100DieselCordoba II92002
SEAT1.9 TDI 110DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.9 TDI 110DieselCordoba I61999
SEAT1.9 TDI 110DieselCordoba I GT/GTI61999
SEAT1.9 TDI 110DieselCordoba I Vario61999
SEAT1.9 TDI 130DieselCordoba II92002
SEAT1.9 TDi 90DieselCordoba I101993
SEAT1.9 TDi 90DieselCordoba I Vario61999
SEAT2.0 L 115PetrolCordoba I GT/GTI61999
SEAT2.0 L 116PetrolCordoba I101993
SEAT2.0 L 150PetrolCordoba I Cupra101993
SEAT1.6 L 100PetrolIbiza31993
SEAT1.6 L 105PetrolIbiza12002
SEAT1.6 L 75PetrolIbiza31993
SEAT1.9 TDI 110DieselIbiza31993
SEAT1.9 TDI 130DieselIbiza FR12002
SEAT1.9 TDI 131DieselIbiza12002
SEAT1.9 TDI 75DieselIbiza12002
SEAT1.9 TDi 90DieselIbiza31993
SEAT2.0 L 115PetrolIbiza12002
SEAT1.0 L 60PetrolMii92011
SEAT1.0 L 75PetrolMii92011
SKODA1.0 L 60PetrolCitigo92011
SKODA1.0 L 75PetrolCitigo92011
SKODA1.2 L 60PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.2 L 70PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.2 L 70PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.2 TDI 75DieselFabia II32007
SKODA1.2 TDI 75DieselFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.2 TSI 105PetrolFabia II32007
SKODA1.2 TSI 105PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.2 TSI 85PetrolFabia II32007
SKODA1.2 TSI 85PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.4 16V 85PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.4 TSI 180PetrolFabia II Combi RS112007
SKODA1.4 TSI 180PetrolFabia II RS32007
SKODA1.6 16V 105PetrolFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.6 TDI 105DieselFabia II32007
SKODA1.6 TDI 105DieselFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.6 TDI 75DieselFabia II32007
SKODA1.6 TDI 75DieselFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.6 TDI 90DieselFabia II32007
SKODA1.6 TDI 90DieselFabia II Combi112007
SKODA1.9 TDI 130DieselFabia RS91999
SKODA2.0 L 115PetrolFabia91999
SKODA2.0 L 115PetrolFabia Combi92000
SKODA2.0 L 115PetrolFabia Sedan121999
SKODA1.2 TDI 75DieselRoomster72006
SKODA1.2 TSI 105PetrolRoomster72006
SKODA1.2 TSI 85PetrolRoomster72006
SKODA1.6 TDI 105DieselRoomster72006
SKODA1.6 TDI 90DieselRoomster72006
SMART1.5 T 177PetrolForFour Brabus42004
SMART0.7 L 101PetrolRoadster Brabus92002
SMART0.7 L 101PetrolRoadster Coupé Brabus92003
SMART0.7 L 61PetrolRoadster92002
SMART0.7 L 61PetrolRoadster Coupé92003
SMART0.7 Turbo 82PetrolRoadster92002
SMART0.7 Turbo 82PetrolRoadster Coupé92003
SMART0.7i 60PetrolRoadster92002
SMART0.7i 80PetrolRoadster92002
SUZUKI1.3 D 69DieselIgnis92003
SUZUKI1.3 L 94PetrolIgnis92003
SUZUKI1.3 L 94PetrolIgnis 4x492003
SUZUKI1.5 L 110PetrolIgnis92003
SUZUKI1.5 L 99PetrolIgnis92003
SUZUKI1.5 L 99PetrolIgnis 4x492003
TOYOTA1.3 L 86PetrolCorolla51997
TOYOTA1.3 L 86PetrolCorolla Break51997
TOYOTA1.6 16V 110PetrolCorolla51997
TOYOTA1.6 16V 110PetrolCorolla Break51997
TOYOTA2.0 D 73DieselCorolla51997
TOYOTA2.0 D 73DieselCorolla Break51997
TOYOTA1.8 16V 140PetrolMR-S (MK III)32000
TOYOTA1.8 16V 140PetrolMR-S (MK III)32000
TOYOTA1.3 L 86PetrolYaris11999
TOYOTA1.5 16V 106PetrolYaris11999
TOYOTA1.5 VVT-i 105PetrolYaris11999
TOYOTA1.5 16V 106PetrolYaris Verso101999
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 L 160PetrolCorrado G6081987
VOLKSWAGEN1.3 L 55PetrolGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 D 54DieselGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 L 75PetrolGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 TD 60DieselGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 TD 70DieselGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 TD 80DieselGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 L 139PetrolGolf II Match 16S81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 L 160PetrolGolf II G6081983
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 L 90PetrolGolf II81983
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 110DieselGolf III81991
VOLKSWAGEN2.0 16V 150PetrolGolf III GTi 16S81991
VOLKSWAGEN2.0 L 115PetrolGolf III GT/GTi81991
VOLKSWAGEN2.8 V6 174PetrolGolf III VR681991
VOLKSWAGEN2.9 V6 190PetrolGolf III Variant VR6 Syncro71993
VOLKSWAGEN2.9 V6 190PetrolGolf III VR6 Syncro81991
VOLKSWAGEN1.3 L 54PetrolJetta21984
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 D 60DieselJetta21984
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 TD 80DieselJetta21984
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 16V 98PetrolJetta21984
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 16V 98PetrolJetta 4X421984
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 16V 98PetrolJetta GT21984
VOLKSWAGEN1.2 L 55PetrolPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.2 L 65PetrolPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 100PetrolPolo IV92001
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 100PetrolPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 60PetrolPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 60PetrolPolo Variant41997
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 75PetrolPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 75PetrolPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 75PetrolPolo Variant41997
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 L 80PetrolPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 TDI 70DieselPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 TDI 75DieselPolo Fun72003
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 TDI 75DieselPolo IV92001
VOLKSWAGEN1.4 TDI 80DieselPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.6 L 100PetrolPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.8 T 150PetrolPolo IV GTI42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 SDI 64DieselPolo IV92001
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 SDI 68DieselPolo Variant41997
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 SDI 75DieselPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 100DieselPolo Fun72003
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 100DieselPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 110DieselPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 110DieselPolo Variant41997
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDI 130DieselPolo IV42005
VOLKSWAGEN1.9 TDi 90DieselPolo Classic102000
VOLKSWAGEN1.0 BiFuel 68Bi-Fuelup!92011
VOLKSWAGEN1.0 L 60Petrolup!92011
VOLKSWAGEN1.0 L 75Petrolup!92011
VOLKSWAGEN1.0 L 90Petrolup!92011
VOLVO1.8 L 90Petrol440121988
VOLVO2.0 L 110Petrol440121988

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185/55 R 15 Fits:

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  • Citroën C2
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  • Daihatsu Materia
  • Fiat 500, Brava, Bravo, Panda, Punto, Tipo 2.0 16V
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  • Toyota Corolla, MR (av), Yaris, Yaris Verso
  • Volkswagen Corrado, Golf II, Golf III GT, GTi, VR6, Polo IV GTi, Up!
  • Volvo 440

More Information
BRAND Michelin
TYPE Radial
ACTUAL WIDTH 195 mm / 7.7"
LOAD INDEX 82 (475 Kg)
Whitewall Width N/A
ALTERNATIVE SIZE DESCRIPTION 185/55-15 , 185/55 -15 , 185/55 - 15 , 185 55 - 15 , 185-15 , 185 -15 , 185 - 15 , 185/55R15 , 185/55 R15 , 185/55 R 15 , 185 55 R 15 , 185R15 , 185 R15 , 185 R 15 , 185/55VR15 , 185/55 VR15 , 185/55 VR 15 , 185 55 VR 15 , 185VR15 , 185 VR15 , 185 VR 15 , 185/55R15 , 185/55 R15 , 185/55 R 15 , 185 55 R 15 , 185R15 , 185 R15 , 185 R 15 , 185/55X15 , 185/55 X15 , 185/55 X 15 , 185 55 X 15 , 185X15 , 185 X15 , 185 X 15 , 185/55 15 , 185/55 15 , 185/55 15 , 185 55 15 , 185 15 , 185 15 , 185 15 , 185/55*15 , 185/55 *15 , 185/55 * 15 , 185 55 * 15 , 185*15 , 185 *15 , 185 * 15
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