175 R16 Tyres

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AC Greyhound Tyres - 5.50 R 16 Michelin X

AC Greyhound on 175 R16 Tyres

175 R16

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  1. 175 R16 Inner Tubes

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175 R16 FAQ

Q: Can I fit a 175 R16 Taxi tyre on my XK120 Jaguar?

A: Fitting 175 R16 tyres to an XK120, XK140, or XK150 will spoil the handling; it has the wrong type of carcass and an unsuitable speed rating. Also, a 175 R16 tyre is too small for a Jaguar XK120.

Q: What is the best sports car tyre in the size 175 R16?

A: We would suggest the only 175 R16 tyre worth considering is the Michelin 5.50 R16 X. This is built for the AC Ace, AC Grey Hound, & AC Aceca. However, it is also an excellent radial tyre for a pre-war BMW 328.

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