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Vauxhall 25HP Tyres

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    Vauxhall 25HP Recommended Tyres

  1. 670 H 16
    670 H 16 Avon Turbospeed

    Starting at £244.80 £204.00

  2. reinforced Michelin Inner Tube
    Michelin 16F Offset Valve Reinforced Inner Tube

    Starting at £43.20 £36.00

  3. Other Options for Vauxhall 25HP Tyres

  4. 670x16 Firestone
    6.70 x 16 Firestone

    Starting at £358.80 £299.00

  5. 670R16 Avon Turbosteel
    670 R 16 Avon Turbosteel

    Starting at £284.40 £237.00

  6. 670H16 Dunlop RS5
    670 H 16 Dunlop RS5

5 Items

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History of the Vauxhall 25HP

The Vauxhall 25 HP chassis code D type was an automobile produced by Vauxhall between 1912 and 1922. During World War I, more than 1,500 were given to the British Army for service as staff cars. Each Vauxhall chassis came with a three-year warranty that included monthly checkups. The 25 hp automobile debuted in November 1912 at the Olympia Motor Show alongside two of its three stablemates: the 6-cylinder 5-litre 30 hp car and the lesser weight 25 hp Prince Henry.

The robust chassis includes semi-elliptic leaf springs and strong axles in the front and rear. The engine, which has a fixed cylinder head with a bore and stroke of 95 mm and 140 mm, powers the rear wheels through a multi-plate clutch and four-speed gearbox that is distinct from the engine. A subframe supports the engine, clutch, and gearbox.

There are no brakes on the front wheels, but the automobile includes a transmission brake activated by a foot pedal located directly behind the gearbox. The rear wheel brakes are controlled by a hand lever located inside the vehicle. In all, around 4500 were produced, with 1556 being handed to the armed services. It was replaced by the 23-60, which had an overhead valve engine and four-wheel brakes.

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