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1984 TVR 350i Advert

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TVR 350i 1983–1989

  • The TVR 350i of 1983 and 1984 came equipped as standard with 205/60 R15 tyres, of this size the best tyre available is the 205/60 WR 15 Michelin Pilot Primacy 3.
  • TVR 350i from 1984 to 1987 under Peter wheelers management stuck with the same tyres.
  • However, the 18/60 - 15 (215/55 R 15) Michelin TB15 is also an incredible road legal track tyre for the TVR 350i.
  • The Michelin TB range is a road-legal motorsport tyre offering outstanding levels of grip perfect for the TVR on the track.
  • Standard tyre pressures for the TVR 350i are 22psi front and 24psi rear.

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History of the TVR 350i

Built between 1983-1989, the TVR 350i was born out of TVR's new owner Peter Wheeler wanting a more powerful version of the TVR Tasmin 280i. Using the same body and chassis as the Tasmin 280i, the 350i was created by placing in a 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine. It would later be phased out with the introduction of the more powerful 400/450SE and 420/450 SEAC.

In 1982, TVR's then-new owner, Peter Wheeler (a fantastic motoring surname), desired better performance than his Cologne V6-equipped Tasmin 280i could provide. As a result, the Tasmin 350i debuted in August 1983, based on the current vehicle. A 3.5-litre Rover V8 was added using the same chassis and body (with minimal alterations). After a year, the "Tasmin" component of the name was omitted, and the automobile was simply known as the TVR 350i.

The 350i's 190 horsepower V8 drove it to 130 mph, and it reached 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. The Rover-powered 350i had the extra bonus of being marketable in Arab nations, where there was some political opposition to buying Ford goods due to Ford's strong ties with Israel. The 350i also served as the foundation for the 390SE, which debuted at the 1984 Birmingham Motor Show, as well as the extreme 420/450 SEAC and other subsequent improvements.

The S-series and later Griffith were both supported by a modified version of the 350i's chassis, which was itself an extended version of the chassis used for the original M-series. The Northern TVR Centre produced a limited number of non-factory Sprintex supercharged 350SX (and the larger 400SX) in the mid-1980s. It is believed that nine and two of the respective models were produced. Power is unknown, however, the 350SX is said to have 260 horsepower.

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