Saab 96

Saab 96 Tyres

The following list is what Longstone Tyres recommends fitting to your Saab 96:

  • 145SR15 Michelin XZX for a Saab 96
  • 155HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO &tradefor a Saab 96V4

Recommended Saab 96 Tyres

Optional Saab 96 Tyres

History of the Saab 96

Built between 1960-1980, the Saab 96 came as a replacement for the Saab 93 from which it was heavily based on with some developments from the old Saab 92 chassis. From 1967 the V4 version would start to appear; a secret development between Saab engineer Rolf Mellde and Saab major stockholder Marc Wallenberg. Though the Saab 93 had been the first Saab exported outside of Sweden, the Saab 96 was the first car to be officially imported into the UK. It would enjoy motor sport success, contending with its main Swedish rival Volvo. The Saab 99 was intended to replace the 96 in 1969, however the Saab 96 would continue to be sold up until 1980 where the Saab 99 was replaced by the Saab 900.