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Panhard Junior Period Advert

Panhard Junior Period Advert

Panhard Junior Tyres

  • The best available tyre for the Panhard Junior is the 135 R 400 Michelin X, it boasts period tread, good performance, and progressive handling.
  • The Junior was released with tube-type wheels, and our recommended tyre is also tube-type, innertubes are required for these wheels and tyres.
  • This tyre can be fitted with a set of Michelin 16C innertubes.

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    Panhard Junior Recommended Tyres

2 Items

History of the Panhard Junior

Panhard produced the Panhard Dyna Junior, a tiny sports automobile, from 1952 until 1956. The car was first available as a roadster and afterwards as a cabriolet. Around 4700 were constructed in total.

The Dyna Junior was distinguished by its clean lines and lack of frills. The grille retained from the Dyna X was the only exterior adornment. The automobile had exposed hinges on the trailing edge of the two passenger doors, which opened in the 'Suicide' fashion. Because there were no exterior door handles, opening the door necessitated reaching in through the sliding plastic side windows to the inside latch. The junior did not possess an exterior trunk lid, and the boot was reached by folding down the backrest of the two-seat bench. The cabin was sparse, with a single speedometer dial in the centre and a gearshift lever protruding from the dashboard, similar to the Dyna X.

Despite having just 34.5 horsepower, the Junior's performance, handling, fuel efficiency, and low purchase price made it popular among young people. Although it was never the fastest, the Dyna Junior was enjoyed by some racing enthusiasts. The Dyna Junior finished 14th in the 1953 Tour de France Auto. A Dyna Junior driven by Georges Trouis and Jacques Blanchet finished 22nd in the 1953 1000 km of Nürburgring.

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