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  1. 205 R 16 Michelin X M+S
    205 R 16 Michelin X M+S

    Starting at £184.80 £154.00

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  3. 600 x 16 PIRELLI Stella Bianca

    Starting at £238.80 £199.00

  4. 600WR16 Michelin Pilot X
    6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X

    Starting at £457.20 £381.00

  5. 600 x 16 Camac CD110
    600 x 16 Camac CD110

    Starting at £150.00 £125.00

  6. Set of 4 600 x 16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA
    Set of 4 6.00 x16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA

    Starting at £922.80 £769.00

    Set of 5 6.00 / 16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA

    Starting at £1,080.00 £900.00

6 Items

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Land Rover Defender Tyres

Land Rover History

Land Rover Promotional Poster
Land Rover Promotional Poster

The Rover Company invented the Land Rover moniker in 1948 for a practical 4WD off-roader; nevertheless, today's Land Rover models are expensive and luxury sport-utility vehicles. Maurice Wilks began designing the initial car in 1947. Wilks, head designer of the Rover Company, on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey, working with his brother Spencer, Rover's managing director. The Jeep may have been an influence in the design, as the prototype, subsequently dubbed Centre Steer, was constructed on a Jeep chassis and axles. Early cars were only available in different colours of light green due to the military surplus supply of aeroplane cockpit paint. All vehicles in this era, beginning with the series I Land Rover, had robust box-section ladder-frame chassis. Early vehicles, such as the Series I, were field-tested and built to be field-serviced at Long Bennington.

King George VI gave Land Rover a Royal Warrant in 1951, and 50 years later, in 2001, it earned the Queen's Award for Enterprise for exceptional contribution to worldwide trade. Land Rover evolved into its own brand (and, for a time, a corporation), with an ever-expanding line of four-wheel drive, off-road competent cars. Beginning with the far more upscale 1970 Range Rover, and followed by the mid-range Discovery and entry-level Freelander lines (in 1989 and 1997), as well as the 1990 Land Rover Defender redesign. Land Rovers and Range Rovers depended only on their signature boxed-section vehicle chassis for half a century (from the original 1948 model until 1997, when the Freelander was debuted).

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