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1939 Lagonda V12 Le Mans Works Team Car

1939 Lagonda V12 Le Mans Works Team Car

Lagonda V12 Tyres

  • The big heavy V12 Lagonda ran 18" wheels. The Michelin 6.00/6.50 x 18 Michelin D.R. suits a Lagonda V12 beautifully.
  • The V12 ran tube-type wheels. Michelin 17/18 H are the ideal innertubes for a V12 Lagonda Rapide.

A Great Swan song for W. O. Bentley, the V12 Lagonda Rapide truly was a beautiful machine. Although heavy, it was fast and handled surprisingly well for such a large car on such fat tyres. However staying with high-quality tyres, such as the suggested Michelin, will maintain that handling while at the same time providing the comfort expected of such a fabulous car.

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History of the Lagonda V12

The Lagonda V12 is a big automobile manufactured by the British firm Lagonda from 1938 to 1940. It debuted at the 1936 London Motor Show, although manufacture did not begin until 1938. W. O. Bentley created an all-new 4480 cc 60-degree V12 engine for the V12 model. The engine features an iron cylinder block and upper crankcase, as well as a light alloy lower crankcase.  Between the engine blocks are twin downdraft SU carburettors. At 5000rpm, 180 horsepower is produced.

The chassis had independent torsion bar front suspension and a live rear axle with a hypoid final drive. Lockheed hydraulic braking is used. The engine is coupled to a four-speed transmission with a centrally positioned shift lever. Coachwork could be done by Lagonda or a variety of other coachbuilders, and a wheelbase of 124 inches, 132 inches, or 138 inches could be ordered to suit various body styles. Only 10 vehicles with the longest bodywork were manufactured. The automobile could exceed 100 mph even with a saloon body. Two modified V12s with four carburettor engines finished third and fourth in the 1939 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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