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Ford Model B

Ford Model B

Ford Model B 1932–1934

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    Ford Model B Recommended Tyres

18 Items

History of the Ford Model B

Despite a superficial resemblance to the preceding Model A, the vehicle was all new. While the Model A's structure is basic, with two straight longitudinal members, the new car has a larger wheelbase and an outward curving, double-dropped chassis. The gasoline tank in both models is shifted from the cowl, as in the Model A and late Model T, where its back formed the dash, to the lower rear of the car, as is usual in current cars, necessitating Ford to incorporate an engine-driven fuel pump rather than rely on gravity supply. While the V8 was designed from the ground up, the Model B simply used an upgraded four-cylinder Model A engine with a displacement of 3.29 litres and a power output of 50 horsepower.

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