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508 Balilla

508 Balilla

Fiat 508 Balilla Tyres

  • The Fiat 508 originally left the factory on a 400 X 17 tyre. To cater for this car Longstone Tyres have made the 4.00/4.25 x 17 Longstone for the classic Fiat 508 and Fiat 508 Balilla.
  • This specially made tyre suits the vintage look of the Fiat 508 & Fiat 508 Balilla, as well as being a fantastic tyre to drive on.
  • These tyres will perform best fit with a set of Michelin 17MG innertubes. Innertubes must be fitted to this car.

Fiat Balilla Tyres Explained (Italian)

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    Fiat 508 Recommended Tyres

  1. 400/425x17 Longstone
    4.00/4.25 x 17 Longstone

    Starting at £94.80 £79.00

  2. Set of 4 400/425x17 Longstone
    Set of 4 400/425 x 17 Longstone OFFER

    Starting at £372.00 £310.00

  3. Jeu de 5 400/425x17 Longstone
    Set of 5 4.00/4.25 x 17 Longstone

    Starting at £454.80 £379.00

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Fiat 508 History

Built between 1932-1937, the Fiat 508 was a replacement to the Fiat 509 which had ceased production back in 1929. 113,000 were built with many different variants, most notably several versions of the Fiat 508 Balilla which was named after the legend of the small boy (Balilla) who started the 1746 revolt against occupying forces in Genoa, Italy. The 508 was available in a wide range of different body types, including Coupe, Spider Sport, Berlina, Torpedo, and van.

Fiat Balilla Tyres
Fiat 508 Tyres

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