Delahaye 138

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Delahaye 138 Tyres

  • The Delahaye 138 fitted 150/160 - 40 tyres.
  • The only tyre available in this size is the 150/160 x 40 Michelin SCSS, this is not a problem though, because the Michelin is an excellent tyre, and would still be our pick if other tyres were available.
  • The ideal tube for these tyres is the Michelin 16F innertube.

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    Delahaye 138 Recommended Tyres

2 Items

History of the Delahaye 138

In 1935, Delahaye released the eleven International speed-record breaking Type 138. This was a six-cylinder chassis with an inline, overhead-valve engine. Then, less than a year later, came Type 135, the low-slung "surbaisse" that would go on to become justifiably famous. Coachbuilders were scrambling to body the new Delahaye chassis.

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