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De Tomaso Deauville

De Tomaso Deauville

De-Tomaso Deauville 1971–1985

  • The De Tomaso Deauville ideally drives on a set of 225/70 WR 15 Michelin XWX tyres.
  • The Michelin 15/17H is the correct innertube for these tyres.
  • Our period Innertube Guides suggest that the Deauville was released on tube-type wheels until around 1984, during this time De Tomaso switched to tubeless wheels that do not require innertubes to function.

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History of the De Tomaso Deauville

Built from 1970-1989 the De Tomaso Deauville was De Tomaso's attempt at creating a simpler XJ6. The De Tomaso Deauville is a luxury four-door saloon that debuted at the 1970 Turin Motor Show. The Deauville was powered by the same 5,763 cc Ford Cleveland V8 as the De Tomaso Pantera, rated at 330 horsepower. The vehicle had a maximum speed of 143 mph and looks comparable to the Jaguar XJ.

The Deauville sports an independent rear suspension identical to that used by Jaguar, as well as vented discs front and back. Its chassis is shared with the Maserati Quattroporte III. The Maserati Kyalami and De Tomaso Longchamp grand tourers were built on a shortened version of the chassis. Mr De Tomaso's wife received one Deauville station vehicle. Two armoured Deauvilles were also built, one for the Belgian Royal Family and the other for the Italian government. Recently, another armoured Deauvilles was financed in the heart of Italy in a wealthy man's private collection (most likely for the safety of his family). The latter may be shown in Rome at the Museo delle Auto della Polizia di Stato.

Innertube Guides

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