Citroen 10CV

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1933 Citroen Rosalie 10 CV Cabriolet

1933 Citroen Rosalie 10 CV Cabriolet

Citroen 2CV Tyres

  • Longstone's recommended tyre for the Citroen 10CV is the 150/160 x 40 Michelin SCSS, the only tyre to fit to this beautiful vintage car.
  • The ideal inner tube for this tyre is the Michelin 16F inner tube.

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    Citroen 10CV Recommended Tyres

  1. 150/160x40 Michelin SCSS
    150/160 x 40 Michelin SCSS

    Starting at £313.20 £261.00

  2. reinforced Michelin Inner Tube
    Michelin 16F Offset Valve Reinforced Inner Tube

    Starting at £43.20 £36.00

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Citroen 10CV Tyres

History of the Citroën 10CV

The 10CV had a 1,767 cc four-cylinder engine and a reported top speed of around 62 mph. It was longer than its four-cylinder sister, measuring 4.57 metres. Other than that, it was mechanically similar to the 8CV. Commercially, however, it was more successful, probably due to a broader range of available variants, which included the lighter (and hence implicitly quicker) Rosalie 10 Légère.

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