Bond Minicar

  • The Bond Minicar is a favourite of Longstone, with one of the iconic Three-Wheelers belonging to the owner of Longstone Tyres Dougal himself!
  • Sadly we don't have the unusual tyre size of 400x10 in stock, but either email or ring us on 01302 714072 and we can probably source these tyres for you.
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History of the Bond Minicar

Bond Minicar is a series of economical three-wheeled cars manufactured by Sharp's Commercials Ltd (the company was renamed Bond Cars Limited in 1964), in Preston, Lancashire, between 1949 and 1966. The minicar's three-wheel configuration allowed it to qualify for a lower rate of purchase tax, lower vehicle excise duty, and cheaper insurance than comparable four-wheel cars. The three-wheel setup, low weight and lack of a reverse gear also meant that it could be driven on a motor bike licence.

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