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BMW 700 Tyres

BMW 700

BMW 700 1959–1965

  • The BMW 700 sadly has a lack of choice in its size, being able to only fit either a 5.50 x 12 Camac, however if you want a radial tyre Longstone Tyres suggests the 155 R 12 Nankang.
  • The best fitting tube for this tyre is the Michelin 12D innertube.

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    BMW 700 Recommended Tyres

3 Items

History of the BMW 700

Built between 1959 and 1965 the BMW 700 was initially available only as a coupe, the cabriolet model coming a little later. It was BMW's first attempt at unitary construction with a rear-engined layout that would prove to be a success for them. On top of the Coupe & Cabriolet versions they would also introduce a sports model that with twin carburettors and a high-compression engine managed an extra 10bhp to 42bhp in total.

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