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Austin A125 A135 Tyres

For the Austin A125/A135 Longstone Tyres thinks a set of 670R16 Avon Turbosteel would ideally suit this big luxurious bruiser.

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    Austin A125-A135 Recommended Tyres

  1. 670R16 Avon Turbosteel
    670 R 16 Avon Turbosteel

    Starting at $357.84 $298.20

  2. Michelin 16F Offset Valve tube (Tubes)
    Michelin 16F Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at $32.76 $27.30

  3. reinforced Michelin Inner Tube
    Michelin 16F Offset Valve Reinforced Inner Tube

    Starting at $63.84 $53.20

  4. Other Options for Austin A125-A135

  5. 670x16 Firestone
    6.70 x 16 Firestone

    Starting at $394.80 $329.00

  6. 650L16 CR48 (R6) Dunlop Racing
    650 L 16 CR48 (R6) Dunlop Racing

    Starting at $452.76 $377.30

  7. 650x16 R5 Dunlop Racing
    6.50 x 16 R5 Dunlop Racing

    Starting at $467.04 $389.20

  8. 670H16 Dunlop RS5
    670 H 16 Dunlop RS5
  9. 670 H 16
    670 H 16 Avon Turbospeed

    Starting at $307.44 $256.20

9 Items

per page

History of the Austin A125/A135

Though based on a pre-1930's design, the A125 & A135 were Austin's first post-war flagship car built between 1947-1956. Grouped under the name of Austin Sheerline, the initial model was called the Austin A110 and was powered by a 3.5 litre straight six. This was soon upgraded with a four litre engine to become the A125; a nominally luxurious car but without the usual associated price that was available in both saloon and limousine versions.

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