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1939 Aston Martin 2 Litre Speed

1939 Aston Martin 2 Litre Speed

Aston Martin 2 Litre 1936–1938

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    Aston Martin 2 Litre Recommended Tyres

17 Items

History of the Aston Martin 2 Litre

Built between 1936 the Aston Martin 2-litre Speed or Aston Martin Type C was made in order to broaden the appeal of the range. The Speed model was created for the 1936 Le Mans, though this ended up cancelled, and 25 of the cars made for this were eventually sold. In 1938 it was decided that the eight leftover Speed chassis should be used to create a more modern-looking Aston. The resulting Type C however sadly turned out to not be popular, and it wasn't till Christmas 1940 that the final one was sold.

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