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Alvis Silver Eagle

Alvis Silver Eagle

Alvis Silver Eagle 1928 - 1931

  • The Alvis Silver Eagle of 1928 originally fitted 525 - 20 crossply tyres through to 1931.
  • We now recommend the 4.75/5.00 x 20 Lucas for light handling tyres, as nobody currently makes a 525-20 tyre.
  • Alvis cars of this era were all fitted with innertubes. The ideal tube for the 4.75/5.00 x 20 Lucas, 4.75/5.00 x 20 Firestone and 4.50/4.75/5.00x20 Ensign B5 tyres is the Michelin 20/21CD.
  • If you are wanting larger Alvis Silver Eagle tyres the 6.00 x 20 Lucas is a good option as it is not too large and has a carcass that offers good handling.
  • The correct Alvis Silver Eagle innertube for 5.50 x 20 or 600X20 tyres is the Michelin 19/20H.

With a vintage Alvis designed in 1920s like the Silver Eagle, they can suffer from being over tyred, especially on the front wheels. To keep the steering light and precise we would suggest a very slight step down in size to 475/500 - 20 Tyres, rather than going up to 550-20 or 600-20. However if you are going to go up in size, the Lucas 6.00-20 tire is relatively small in comparison to other options in its size range. It has been a popular choice among our customers, who have fitted it and expressed satisfaction with its performance.

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    Alvis Silver Eagle Recommended Tyres

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History of the Alvis Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle, first launched in 1929, was redesigned for 1934, with a stronger X-braced frame and a new all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox. The Alvis six-cylinder engine generated 60-70bhp and was available in either 2148cc or 2,362cc sizes. This allowed for a top speed of approximately 75mph, with comfortable cruising at 60mph.

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