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Alvis 12-70

Recommended Alvis 12/70 tyres

Alvis 12/70 tyres for a standard car as recommended by Longstone Tyres.
For Alvis 12/70 tyres if you are wanting tyres that suit steady road use we suggest the 525/550x17 Lucas. For the more "exuberant" or "spirited" driver we think the stronger structure of the 525/550x17 Dunlop D2/103 would be more suited.


Recommended Products for Alvis 12-70

Other Options for Alvis 12-70

History of the Alvis 12/70

Built between 1937-1940 the Alvis 12/70 was a 4-cylinder sports saloon or coupé that was close to the more expensive 6-cylinder Alvis Silver Crest. Most of the bodywork was outsourced to firms outside of Alvis in order to try and cut costs. Though production didn't continue after the war, its post-war successor the Alvis TA 14 carried over a lot of the original model.