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AC 2-Litre Tyres

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  1. Set of 4 525-550x17 Lucas
    Set of 4 5.25/5.50 x17 Lucas

    Starting at $638.40 $532.00

  2. Set of 5 525/550 x 17 Lucas
    Set of 5 5.25/5.50 x 17 Lucas

    Starting at $787.92 $656.60

2 Items

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History of the AC 2-litre

Post WW2 AC returned to building its high quality but low volume production cars with the AC 2-litre saloon. Post-1953 the model was updated to a 4-door and the engine tweaked to 85bhp from the previous 74bhp and replacing the cable rear brakes with a hydraulic system.

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