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Citroen Dyane

CitroŽn Dyane Tyres

The Citroen Dyane fitted 125SR15 Michelin X. There is no other tyre to fit to the Dyane. The 125R15 Michelin X is an integral part of the suspension and steering design of the Citroen Dyane and 2CV. The
thin side wall and thin tread pattern with sharp shoulders is important to the way the Citroen Dyane drives. The only other possible tyre you could fit to a Citroen Dyane 4 or Dyane 6 is the 135SR15 Michelin ZX.

Radial Tyres

15" Rim Size

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Section Width
Price (ex VAT)
125SR15 Michelin X 588 127 £64.00
125SR15 Firestone F560 588 127 £77.00
135R15 Michelin X M+S 600 137 £102.00
135SR15 Michelin ZX 600 137 £77.00

History of the CitroŽn Dyane

The CitroŽn Dyane was produced between 1967 to 1983 coming to a total 1,444,583 of made. The panel van Acadiane was derived from the Dyane.

The Dyane was an offshoot of the CitroŽn 2CV, intended as an answer to the increasingly popular Renault 4 which was eating into 2CV sales since launched in 1961. Like the Renault 4, the Dyane was designed from the outset as a hatchback with some other styling differences such as conventional round headlamps set into the front fender with a squared stainless steel trim ring (as opposed to the old-fashioned separate units found on the 2CV) and stainless steel wheel embellishments as standard.

It is often mistakenly thought that the Dyane was intended to replace the 2CV, but it was aimed slightly higher in the CitroŽn range (somewhere between the 2CV and the Ami) and it attracted a different clientele that sought the versatility offered by the Dyane.

In 1969 on UK shores the car cost £648, the equivalent of £9100 today.

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