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180HR15 Michelin XAS

£192.00 excl VAT
£230.40 incl VAT

The 180HR15 Michelin XAS is a very important tyre. In 1965 Michelin worked with Citroen to develop Asymmetric tyres to cope with motorway use, and improve the directional stability of cars in this period. There is no other tyre made in the size 180HR15. This tyre was original equipment on the Citroen DS between 1965 and 1973. Some models fitted smaller Michelin XAS tyres on the rear. Importantly though the Citroen DS fitted Asymmetric tyres because it needed them. Fitting anything other than the Michelin XAS to a DS will spoil the handling of the car at cruising speeds.

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Set of 4 180HR15 Michelin XAS
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The Michelin 180HR15 XAS makes an excellent radial equivalent to some radial tyres such as 590H15 and 640H15. Presently there isn't a better road tyre to fit an Austin Healey, MK2 Jaguar (non power steering) or Daimler V8 250 Saloon (non power steering).

180 H R 380 Michelin XAS

180HR15 Back in the day this Michelin XAS tyre could have been listed as a 180HR380, 180 HR 15, 180R380 or 180-380.


the tyre size 180HR15 is a special size. the 180HR15 XAS was the first asymmetric tyre size. 180HR15 is the tyre of choice for the DS. Although later Citroen DS cars fitted 185HR15 tyres people often still fit the 180HR15, because t he 180HR15 is and XAS which was the original tread pattern and the 180HR15 XAS is ideally suited to cars with equal length wish bones in the front suspension.

180HR15 Michelin XAS
Section Width(mm)175
£192.00 excl VAT
£230.40 incl VAT
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