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165X15 Vredestein Classic

£119.00 excl VAT
£142.80 incl VAT
The 165X15 Vredestein Sprint Classic has a H speed rating meaning it is rated up to the speed 130mph


For cars such as a VW Beetle Peugeot 403, Peugeot 404, Volvo 133 a 165X15 Vredestein Sprint Classic is an option, However Longstone Tyres would recommend fitting a 165X15 Michelin XZX as it is an excellent period tyre. The Vredestein 165TR15 Sprint Classic is also the correct size tyre for cars such as TR5, TR6, MGA, Porsche 356 and the early 911 However they would benefit from fitting the 165X15 Michelin XAS

165X15 Tyres

many cars from the 50's and 60's now fit 165X15 tyres that would have left the factory fitted with cross ply tyres of the size 560X15 or 590X15 for which 165X15 Vredestein Sprint Classic is a radial alternative

165X15 Vredestein Classic
Section Width(mm)165
£119.00 excl VAT
£142.80 incl VAT
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