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Ensign Beaded Edge Tyres

  • Ensign make an excellent range of Beaded edge tyres.
  • These smaller vintage motorbike Ensign Beaded edge tyres 26 X 2½ Ensign, 26 X 3 Ensign and 28 X 3 Ensign use the old Dunlop twin stud tread pattern.
  • 26X3 Ensign as well as being a common size for vintage motorbikes, it is also used on small Veteran cars such as a De Dion Bouton Vis a Vis and early vintage cars like a GN or an Austin 7.
  • For larger veteran and vintage cars we would suggest that the Ensign Chevron tyres is the most reliable range of beaded edge tyres.
  • The 710X90 Ensign Chevron we would recommend for Brescia Bugatti and early Frazer Nash cars.
  • The Ensign Chevron 8.20 X 120 is the beaded edge tyre we would recommend for a vintage 3 Litre Bentley.
  • For a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost on Beaded edge tyres we would recommend the 895X135 Ensign Chevron.
  • Unfortunately Dunlop no longer make their beaded edge tyres the Dunlop Chevron.
  • Fortunately Ensign have taken on the name and tread pattern of the old Dunlop Chevron.

Ensign Vintage Tyres

  • Ensign make a small range of vintage tyres.
  • The Ensign vintage tyre range uses many of the old vintage Dunlop tread patterns.
  • The 4.50X19 Ensign B5 uses the Dunlop B5 tread pattern that was fitted to Vintage MG of the late 1930s and 1940s.
  • The 6.00/6.50X17 Ensign uses the Dunlop Fort tread pattern of the 1930s and is excellent on a late 1930s 4¼ Derby Bentley.
  • The 5.25/5.50 x 18 Ensign uses the Dunlop D2/102 Goldseal tread pattern of the 1940s and 1950s, but is excellent on a Derby Bentley of the mid 1930s.

Ensign Vintage Racing Tyres

  • Sadly currently Ensign only make one size of vintage racing tyre.
  • Through our experience the 4.50X19 Ensign 3-Stud racing tyre is by far the best racing tyre in its size and is a great for an MG TA, TB, and TC.
  • It would be great if in the future Ensign would make some more 3-stud racing tyres.

14 Items

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  1. 600/650 x17 Ensign F4
    6.00/6.50 x 17 Ensign F4

    Starting at £274.80 £229.00

  2. 700x17 Ensign B5
    7.00 x 17 Ensign B5

    Starting at £320.40 £267.00

  3. 525/550 18 Ensign D2/103
    5.25/5.50 x 18 Ensign D2/103

    Starting at £202.80 £169.00

  4. 600/650x18 Ensign B5
    6.00/6.50 x 18 Ensign B5

    Starting at £225.60 £188.00

  5. 450x19 3-Stud Ensign Racing
    4.50x19 3-Stud Ensign Racing

    Starting at £262.80 £219.00

  6. 450x19 Ensign B5
    4.50x19 Ensign B5

    Starting at £165.60 £138.00

  7. 525/550/600x19 Dunlop B5
    5.25/5.50/6.00 x 19 Ensign B5

    Starting at £250.80 £209.00

  8. 650/700x19 Ensign B5
    6.50/7.00 x 19 Ensign B5

    Starting at £278.40 £232.00

  9. 300x20 Ensign
    300x20 Ensign

    Starting at £82.80 £69.00

  10. 650/700x19 Ensign B5
    4.50/4.75/5.00x20 Ensign B5

    Starting at £178.80 £149.00

  11. 600/650 x17 Ensign F4
    5.25/5.50/6.00 x 20 Ensign F4
  12. 6.00 x 21 Ensign F4
    6.00 x 21 Ensign F4

    Starting at £286.80 £239.00

  13. 600/650 x17 Ensign F4
    7.00 x 21 Ensign F4

    Starting at £322.80 £269.00

  14. 14/15/16x50 Ensign F4
    14/15/16 x 50 Ensign F4

14 Items

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Ensign Beaded Edge Tyres

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
26x2 1/2 EnsignN/AN/A697 mm65 mm
26x3 EnsignN/AN/A705 mm85 mm
28x3 EnsignN/AN/A730 mm60 mm
710 x 90 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)695 mm95 mm
760 x 90 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)770 mm93 mm
8.10 x 90 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)810 mm90 mm
8.20 x 120 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)828 mm121 mm
815 x 105 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)649 mm106 mm
880 x 120 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)881 mm121 mm
895 x 135 Ensign Chevron CordN/ATT (Tube Type)886 mm135 mm

Ensign Crossply Tyres

17" Rim Size

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
6.00/6.50 x 17 Ensign F4N/ATT (Tube Type)772 mm183 mm
7.00 x 17 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)794 mm215 mm

18" Rim Size

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
5.25/5.50 x 18 Ensign D2/103N/ATT (Tube Type)770 mm165 mm
6.00/6.50 x 18 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)781 mm160 mm

19" Rim Size

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
4.50x19 3-Stud Ensign RacingN/ATT (Tube Type)717 mm141 mm
4.50x19 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)734 mm119 mm
5.25/5.50/6.00 x 19 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)787 mm173 mm
6.50/7.00 x 19 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)823 mm193 mm

20" Rim Size

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
300x20 EnsignN/ATT (Tube Type)669 mm76 mm
4.50/4.75/5.00x20 Ensign B5N/ATT (Tube Type)773 mm130 mm
5.25/5.50/6.00 x 20 Ensign F4"N/ATT (Tube Type)817 mm149 mm

21" Rim Size

Click to View TyreRim: Min - Max (")TT/TLDiameter (mm)Section Width (mm)
6.00 x 21 Ensign F4N/ATT (Tube Type)853 mm149 mm
7.00 x 21 Ensign F4N/ATT (Tube Type)982 mm178 mm

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