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Silver Cloud


  • Radial alternative for 820 - 15: 235/75R15.
  • Inner tube for 8.20-15: Michelin 15/17H13 Offset Valve Tube.
  • 8.20-15 can also be described as: 820H15, 820X15 or 820X15.
  • Principally they have and 8.2” section so are also called 8.20H15, 8.20X15 or 8.20X15.
  • In Europe these tyres are mostly fitted to Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or the Bentley S-Type.
  • For a Silver Cloud We suggest Avon 820H15 TurboSpeed.

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    Classic 820 - 15 Tyres

  1. 820H15 Avon Turbospeed
    820 H 15 Avon Turbospeed

    Starting at £369.60 £308.00

  2. 8.20 x 15 General
    8.20 x 15 General

    Starting at £198.00 £165.00

  3. 820 H 15 Dunlop Fort WH4
    820 H 15 Dunlop Fort WH4
  4. 820x15 General Whitewall
    8.20 x 15 General Whitewall
  5. 8.20 x15 General Whitewall
    Set of 4 8.20 x15 General Whitewall
  6. 8.20x15 General Whitewall
    Set of 5 8.20x15 General Whitewall
  7. 820 - 15 Inner Tubes

  8. Michelin 15/17H Offset Valve Inner Tube
    Michelin 15/17H Offset Valve Inner Tube

    Starting at £31.20 £26.00

7 Items

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8.20 - 15

What tyres should you fit a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, that originally fitted 8.20X15 tyres?

The Silver Cloud di originally fit crossply tyres 8.20-15. Out of the 820-15 tyres we have available we would suggest he 820H15 Avon TurboSpeed. We would suggest that it is the best structured carcass, and many of the Rolls Royce Silver Clouds and Bentley S Type cars would have left the factory fitted with these tyres back in period.

A 235/75R15 tyre is what we would suggest as a radial alternative to an 820X15 crossply. We would suggest that the majority of drivers of Silver Clouds have taken off their old 820 X15 tyres and fitted a radial alternative, and 8.20 - 15 is a very tall tyre, and all that side wall height on a crossply tyree tends to make a car wander, which is why so many drivers of hese cars change to radial 235/70R15. However if it is concourse you are looking for then 820-15 Avon would be the tyre of choice.

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