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4.00/4.50-19 Tyres

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4.00/4.50-19 Tyres FAQ

What are the best 400/450-19 tyres for a vintage MG J -type?

The 400/450 -19 Longstone Tyres are perfect for the sporty little vintage MG. they offer the period tread pattern, they are also closest to the original dimension of a 27-4 tyre of the period that MG of the 1930’s fitted their vintage J1, J2 & J3 cars.

What are the best 4.00/4.50X19 tyres for a vintage Riley 9?

The Riley 9 in the 1920s fitted 27 X 4.40 tyres, then in the 1930s they called the same size tyres 4.50X19. The 4.50-19 & 27X4.40 Tyres of the 1920s and 1930s are actually closest in dimension to the 4.00/4.50 – 19 Longstone Tyres. Most other tyres are often over sized.

What is the cheapest 400/450-19 tyre?

The 4.00/4.50-19 Longstone tyres are extremely good value with plenty of tread depth.

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