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Triumph TR5 Tyres

  • Longstone classic tyres recommend the 165HR15 Michelin XAS or 165HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 ™ for your classic Triumph TR5.
  • We recommend the 165HR15 Michelin XAS for Triumph TR5's as they are a correct period sports car tyre; an asymmetric classic tyre that offers outstanding levels of grip and directional stability. The 165HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ we also recommend as it is a period tyre that will offer extremely progressive handling. Both these historic tires are ideal tires for the TR5.
  • It is interesting to bare in mind that when this TR5 was available Triumph had the option of fitting low profile tires to the TR5, but they didn't. The TR6 also came out with 165HR15 Michelin XAS. This is because fitting modern low profile tyres would spoil the handling of a TR5 and TR6. However if you do really want to fit a wider tyre then fitting the 185/70VR15 PIRELLI CN36 CINTURATO ™ or 185/70VR15 Michelin XWX will give you a wider tyre without having such a derogatory effect on the cars handling because they are period tyres developed to suit a car like a TR5.

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  1. 175/70 R 15 Pirelli Cinturato ™ CN36
    Set of 4 175/70 R 15 Pirelli Cinturato ™ CN36

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Triumph TR5 Tyres

TR5 on XAS
Michelin XAS on Triumph TR5

Triumph TR5 History

The classic Triumph TR5 was built for a 13 month period between August 1967 and September 1968 by the Triumph in Coventry, England.

Visually identical to the classic Michelotti styled Triumph TR4, the TR5 hid the main differences under the body, the most significant of which was the engine. The TR5 boasted a 2.5-litre straight-6 fuel-injected engine developing around 150 bhp. This engine was carried forward to the classic Triumph TR6.

At the time, fuel injection (or PI petrol injection, as it was sometimes then called) was uncommon in road cars. Triumph claimed in their sales brochure that it was the "First British production sports car with petrol injection" .This engine could propel the TR5 from 0 to 50 mph in just 6.5 seconds, and on to a top speed of 125 mph. Road tests at the time reported slightly different performance figures surprisingly.

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