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VSCC and Longstone Classic Tyres

Longstone Classic Tyres is run by enthusiasts who are keen active members of the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC).

The Vintage Sports Car Club has been attracting members with their cars since 1934 in the pursuit of motoring, both for sport and leisure. Predominantly aimed at cars pre- 1931, the VSCC organises many events through the year including hillclimbs, sprints, rallies, driving tests, racing and trialing. Longstone Classic Tyres sponsors the 'Longstone Trophy' which is awarded to the member who drives his or her car to most events.


Following questions from competitors about the relative hardness of tyres being used in competition, the VSCC Committee decided that it needed to have an approved tyre list for Race and Speed events. The main reason behind the move was that the VSCC Eligibility Regulations listed a standard that was impossible to assess and therefore to enforce. There was concern that the previous VSCC regulation allowed for (unspecified), modern (cross-ply) road tyres with compounds softer than the Dunlop 204 compound to be used in Race and Speed Competition.

At the April 2011 VSCC Committee Meeting it was agreed that the word "competition" should be removed from the wording in the rules so that it now states "no tyres to be used of a compound softer than Dunlop 204". This was notified to the VSCC membership on line and in the June and July Newsletters. It was to be immediately effective but it was also recognised that there was no way of knowing which tyres complied and which did not. Accordingly it was made clear to competitors that, though the rule had been changed enforcement would be effected by means of an approved tyre list rather than "on-the-ground" testing.

All of the following brands are provisionally approved for the 2012 racing season:

  • Avon GP (Competition)
  • Avon HM Tourist
  • Avon SM Mk 11
  • Avon Super Safety
  • Avon TurboSpeed (not radial TurboSpeed)
  • Avon Sidecar (or Triple Duty)
  • Bedford
  • B F Goodrich
  • Blockley cross ply
  • Camac
  • Custom Classic
  • Denman
  • Dunlop Gold Seal
  • Dunlop B5
  • Dunlop C18
  • Dunlop D2/103 (another name for Gold Seal)
  • Dunlop F4
  • Dunlop R1
  • Dunlop RS5
  • Dunlop Triple Stud (nominally 204)
  • Dunlop Racing (204) (1960s style control tyre)
  • Dunlop Racing 5 Stud (nominally 204)
  • Englebert Competition & Competition P
  • Excelsior Racing (comp V)
  • Excelsior P57/Commander
  • Excelsior Comp H
  • Firestone
  • General
  • Goodyear Diamond All Weather
  • Lester
  • Longstone
  • Lucas
  • Michelin Confort Bibendum
  • Michelin DR
  • Universal
  • Wards Riverside
  • Waymaster Premium
  • Waymaster (Vintage)
  • Any beaded-edge tyre
  • Any straight-sided tyre
  • In addition the Dunlop Sidecar Tyre used on many Austin 7 cars, although softer than all of the above, is given exemption status for Austin 7s and may be used in VSCC competition until such time asa suitable and compliant alternative is available at which time a period of grace be allowed to use up remaining tyre life on those in use.

If you are running tyres that are not on this list,now is the time to think about asking for them to be considered so that they might be added. With the publication of this list there may be a need for a 'period of grace' which may be granted on an individual basis, where there is difficulty in finding a compliant tyre of the right size which may be granted on an individual basis. The Club's Committee is mindful of this but is determined to implement a list of permitted tyres. The Dunlop Racing (Side Car) tyre is a case in point; it has been found to be softer than most other brands but will be allowed until a suitable alternative is available. The Race Sub-Committee, Sprint and Hill Climb Sub-Committee, and the Eligibility Sub-Committee are all involved in the process so that the introduction of the permitted tyres list is as smooth as possible. After all, we want you all to be able to race with us!


Brooklands VSCC Memorial Trophy Photo Credit:www.jeffbloxham.com

The Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy is organised and administered by the Vintage Sports Car-Club and is a registered MSA Championship for competitors racing cars constructed before or using components from specified cars built before 1st January 1941. All cars entered must have a valid VSCC eligibility document for the car.

The trophy was first presented in 1950 having been procured by the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Fund to be awarded for the best aggregate performance in the B.A.R.C. Goodwood Members' Meetings to be contested annually by amateur drivers in Brooklands-style races. The first winner of the Trophy was J.C.C. Mayers with a Lester-M.G. Subsequent winners in the early years included Mike Hawthorn, George Abecassis, Innes Ireland and Mike Taylor.

With the imposition of a three-litre limit and ultimate demise of the Goodwood circuit, the trophy passed to the Vintage Sports Car Club in 1966. The VSCC limited eligibility to Vintage and PVT cars in order to maintain the original intentions of commemorating Brooklands type racing. This means that the trophy has always been associated with these older cars and, as such, in recent times the winners have been notable drivers of historic machinery rather than up and coming Grand Prix stars, but the winners' names are still very well known including such luminaries of the art as Neil Corner, Hugh Conway, Bernard Kain, Nick Mason, Tony Mayman, Philip Walker, Duncan Ricketts, Mark Gillies, Julian Bronson, Mac Hulbert, chicken fillet And Dougal Cawley.

For 2011 the Championship was contested over five rounds at each of our race meetings at Silverstone, Donington Park , Mallory Park, Cadwell Park and Pembrey.

  • 1.Dougal Cawley - 116
  • 2.David Pryke - 70
  • 3.Stephen Shoosmith - 65
  • 4.Simon Blakeney-Edwards - 62
  • 5.Jo Blakeney-Edwards - 60
  • 6.Justin Maeers - 57
  • 7.Pete Candy - 55
  • 8=.Mark Gillies - 54
  • 8=.Sam Stretton - 54
  • 10=.Julian Grimwade - 52
  • 10=.Robin Tuluie - 52
  • 12=.Tim Kneller - 45
  • 12=.Andrew Mitchell - 45
  • 14.Robert Carr - 44
  • 15=.William Mahany - 36
  • 15=.Paul Mullins - 36
  • 17.Adam Painter - 34
  • 18=.Mark Groves - 31
  • 18=.Geraint Owen - 31
  • 18=.Steve White - 31
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