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Jeep Tyres

Longstone Tyres are not currently a company that you would associate with the supply of historic military vehicle tyres like these Jeep tyres we have today. However while shipping tyres in from the States the opportunity arose to buy NDT bar grip tyres that are of the correct sizes for both Willys Jeeps and the Hotchkiss Jeeps. We also have both sizes of Jeep tyres.

Willys Jeep Tyres

We are under the understanding that in the 40s the Willys Jeep fitted 600X16 NDT bar grip tyres then in the 50s Willys moved their Jeep onto 700X16

Crossply Tyres

16" Rim Size

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Section Width
Price (ex VAT)
600x16 Camac Nato CJ110 755 140 £104.00
600x16 Speedway NDT 713 173 £59.00

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