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Classic Tyre Fitting

Classic Car Tyre Fitting

Longstone Classic Tyres provide a free fitting service for all manner of weird and wonderful tyres.

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Classic Car Tyre Fitting
There are many reasons to take advantage of the fitting service:
  • ​Unmatched standard of experience at fitting vintage and classic tyres.
  • The ability to see the classic tyres in the flesh before you make your choice.
  • Simple advice on tyre choice from true enthusiasts.
  • Tyre fitting generally costs £ 10 - £ 20 per tyre to get fitted. Which contributes towards travel costs.
  • Longstone's museum of vintage tyre fitting equipment.
  • vintage wire wheel inspection by an classic wheel expert
  • Collection of vintage and classic cars always on display.
  • Easy accessible workshop, close to the A1 Check the map here
  • Local Tyre fitting service provided at a VSCC speed event near you.
  • Excellent cup of tea.
  • Free vintage tyre poster.

Vintage Tyre Fitting

Longstone Tyres have been fitting all manner of Vintage and Classic tyres for 50 years.

If you are wanting to buy a set tyres for your classic or vintage car it might cost you as much as £ 100 to get them fitted; which goes a long way towards the petrol money it will cost to come and see Longstone.

Their warehouse loaded with thousands of tyres representative of the extensive variety of tread patterns and manufactures of classic tyres available today. Over a cup of tea you can discuss and look at the options of tyre that you may want fitted to your Classic car, and talk to experienced tyre experts who will be able to help you choose the right tyre for you.

Experienced classic tyre fitters will fit the tyres to your wheels. If you have spoked wheels on your car this is also your best opportunity to have them inspected. Longstones tyre fitters understand what they are looking at, and will give you an honest opinion of the structure of your wheels. All this can happen while you look round an interesting collection of classic & vintage cars that are owned by the enthusiasts that make up Longstone Tyres.

After fitting your wheels and tyres will be balanced. Many modern tyre garages may have the ability to fit tyres to vintage spoked wheels but they often will not have the ability to balance them properly. At Longstone this is free, and included in there free fitting service.

Mobile Classic tyre fitting

Vintage Tyre Fitting

Longstone Classic tyres provide the only mobile vintage tyre sales and fitting service. We are present at most VSCC speed events all over the country where, as well as providing free fitting and balancing, we also take a variety of tyres so you can see the choice of vintage and classic tyres before you have them fitted. While providing this free mobile fitting

service, we are unable to take every tyre with us, so if you are planning on using our mobile fitting service at a VSCC race meeting it would be helpful to let us know what size tyre you are interested in so we can make sure we bring you the full selection 00 44 1302 711123.
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